Friday, July 06, 2018


Venue Name:Briggs Farm Blues Festival


Samantha Fish:Guitar, Vocals
Chris Alexander:Bass, Vocals
Phil Breen:Keyboards
Rebecca Crenshaw:Fiddle
Alex Massa:Trumpet, Guitar
Scott Graves:Drums
Chris Spies:Sax, Flute, Percussion


1: American Dream
2: Chills And Fever
3: Don't Say You Love Me
4: You Can't Go
5: No Angels
6: Blood In The Water
7: Little Baby
8: Highway's Holding Me Now
9: Need You More
10: Never Gonna Cry
11: Cowtown
12: Hello Stranger
13: Somebody's Always Trying
14: Gone For Good
15: Daughters
16: Bitch On The Run
17: Crow Jane
18: Shake 'Em On Down

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BluesBroad playlist - Complete show
Crow Jane and Shake 'Em All Down - Samantha Fish - Briggs Farm Blues Fes
Blood In The Water - Samantha Fish - Briggs Farm
American Dream - Samantha Fish - Briggs Farm
Samantha Fish Chills And Fever @ Briggs Farm
American Dream - Samantha Fish - Briggs Farm

Concert Photo

Pic by Jeff Wood