Saturday, July 23, 2011


Venue Name:Pittsburgh Blues Festival


Samantha Fish:Guitar, Vocals
Cassie Taylor:Bass, Vocals
Dani Wilde:Guitar, Vocals
Denis Palatin:Drums


Concert Reviews

Rob Peterson:
This was the first time I had ever seen or heard of Samantha. They were the first band on the main stage on a hot and humid Saturday in July. After announcements and rules from the blues fest people the band came out and went right into The Stones "Bitch". Woke everybody out of their early Saturday blur I can tell you that. Then Sam played "Down In The Swamp" and that was it for me, a new lifelong fan. After their set I bought their CD and Samantha's Runaway. Even back then Sam was doing the meet and great and she signed them for me. So glad that I was lucky enough to be there that day.

Concert Video

Girls and Guitars
Video by - rd350c Girls and Guitars - Wait a Minute Baby - Cassie Taylor, Samantha Fish and Danny Wilde

Concert Photo