Bitch On The Run

Album: Wild Heart
Composer: Samantha Fish / Jim McCormick


Laws of men, money is king
You needed help but the phone don't ring
You got your wife, you got your car
Just keep those kids outta the front yard
Got you feeling like a dog in heat
Working you like a piece of meat
Hear the sirens in my neighborhood
We'd laugh it off if the story's good

Right now, right now I'm feeling it
Breathin' the smoke after the damage is done
Right now, right now I'm dealing it
Another bitch on the run

Can't trust my TV set
It's screaming things I'd like to forget
World's on fire, it's burnin' down
Move the channel as it comes to town
Boys will be boys, it's a powerful thing
Better learn how to swim or learn how to drink
Cops and robbers, I can't tell 'em apart
It's a systematic figure that we're passing as art